Benicia Cat Clinic in Benicia, California

Benicia Cat Clinic is a “cat only”, full service veterinary practice, dedicated to promoting the good health and well-being of our feline companions in a friendly, dog-free environment!

Benicia Cat Clinic is a full service veterinary medical and boarding facility with a special purpose in mind ~ to provide quality veterinary care for cats in a quiet and relaxed dog-free environment.

We recognize the special bond between cats and their owners and the fact that your pet is an integral part of your family. Cats are not viewed by us as just small dogs. Rather, they have their own medical and husbandry needs which we believe can be better served in our more focused environment.

At our hospital, you can be assured of having a doctor and para-professional support staff with a special interest in cats and commitment to serving their particular needs in a professional and caring manner.

Our services:

  • » Complete medical and surgical care.
  • » Full hospitalization when needed, including intensive care capabilities. The continuous presence of qualified personnel is not, however, provided.
  • » Reasonably priced and affordable veterinary pharmaceutical supplies.
  • » Complete laboratory diagnostic service.
    Blood and biopsy specimens are submitted to established and reputable veterinary medical diagnostic labs that provide prompt and reliable service. STAT results are available when needed in a timely fashion with our on-site diagnostic testing equipment.
  • » Tests for feline leukemia virus and feline immuno-deficiency virus are available and are encouraged at our facility.
  • » Our doctor consults regularly with area specialists when the need arises, and referrals are available when advisable.
  • » Specialty ultrasound capabilties available on-site.
  • » High-resolution computed radiography.
  • » Outpatient services, including health care examinations, vaccines, eye, ear and skin care, flea and parasite control, behavioral consultation, and microchipping.
  • » Safe and affordable dental care.
  • » State-of-the-art digital dental radiography.
  • » Clean, comfortable and spacious veterinary-supervised boarding.
  • » Medicated bathing.
  • » House call services.

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