Dog Inn – Hotel & Spa for Dogs and Cats. Almada, Portugal

The Dog Inn Hotel & Spa is a team of professionals specialized in the “art” of caring and loving your best friend. In 1995 we started our activity, and in 2010 we opened a new concept, the Dog Inn.

We believe that the attention we have to our clients make the difference, as well as all the dedication, care and passion with which we treat our “nephews”.

Our Dog Inn hotel has  20 boxes divided by galvanized iron and PVC panels avoiding the animals to visualize while they are in the boxes, avoiding stress and markings of territory for the neighboring space.
Each box has 8m2 of living area, 4m2 of covered area and 4m2 of outdoor area, all have direct access to recreation areas, water fountain, feeder, plastic bed and vetbed blankets.
Our recreation areas have a total of 700m2, and are divided into 3 zones. Each zone has a shaded area, sand, grass and lots of toys !!!

Some of our Services: 

  • Dog Inn Hotel
  • Grooming
  • Pet-Sitting

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