Quality Accommodation

Our luxurious suites include all the comforts for a stay in full, from air conditioning to ambient music. With a total area of 110 square feet, it features an entirely wooden-covered area with thermal isolation as well as a large outdoor patio with individual places for resting in the shade or for sunbathing.

Extensive Green Spaces

To run, jump, play or simply stretch out on the fresh grass or under the shade of a tree.

Regular Walks

Our guests are not confined to our suites. We take each one of them on two walks a day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Our services:

  • » Dog Accommodation
  • » Dog Training
  • » Grooming
  • » Transportation

CATS ARE ALSO WELCOME – spacious suites are intended to reproduce the comfort of home thus being equipped with several platforms, hiding places, window with great sunlight exposure, air-conditioning, an outdoor solarium and ambient music. ( Please visit our cat hotel website )

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