Specializing in training and helping you understand how your dog’s mind works and to build a happy life-long companionship.

Our Services: 

Dog Training 

Located in Walkerville, just South of Johannesburg, YourDogAndMe training school offers lessons held every Saturday which include the following:

  • Classes for puppies and adults
  • Basic home obedience classes
  • Advance classes
  • Dog jumping
  • Classes start at 9am

Dog Walking: If you are very busy person and your pooch needs an extra walk during the week, I or my assistant will come to you and take your dog to the nearest park for a run, play ball and to stretch his legs.

Dog Grooming: By using top quality dog grooming products and loads of tender loving care, I can guarantee a stress free experience for the whole family!

Grooming services include: Washing, Trimming, Blow Drying, Ear Cleaning, Nail Clipping, Checking Glands.

House Sitting:  Your dogs will be walked twice a day , brushed once a day plus groomed the day before you return from holiday. While you are away they will receive training and behavior correction if it is needed – and of course loads of love.

I (or my experienced assistants) will be at your house 24/7 to take care of it like our own home.

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