Why Do Camels Have Humps?

Camels are unique animals with origins tracking back to 45 million years. Each animal on the planet has a unique trait that distinguishes them from others. In the case of camels, that trait is their humps.

Even children know that a camel is not a camel without its hump. I know that because my younger nephew always draws a camel, starting from its hump.

However, most of us actually don’t know the functions of those bumps. but that’s what we’re going to find out today!

Humps developed on the back of camels as a response to their environment.

Although camels are currently common in the Middle East and some parts of Asia, they actually originated in North America. Camels and North America do not rhyme well, do they?

Not only that, but camels also roamed in the Arctic regions. In order to cope with the…

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