A Few Facts About the Rare Kakapo

Have you heard about Kakapos before? If not, there is good a reason for that – because they are one of the world’s rarest birds.

You’ve probably not seen one flying around and there is a good reason for that too! After reading these facts, you will love them so much, and you may even be ready to leave for New Zealand to see one alive.

Here are 20 rarest facts about Kakapos.

Kakapos are the world’s only flightless parrots.

Although they can’t use their wing as other birds do, they still can get from one point to the other thanks to their strong legs.

These flightless parrots are unsurprisingly good hikers. They utilize their short wings only when they need to balance their body or parachute themselves off the trees.

You may find them in New Zealand, but only if you are lucky.

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