ADOPTA: ¡SALVA UNA VIDA!  – Animal Charity in Valencia, Spain

ADOPTA: ¡SALVA UNA VIDA! ( Adopt ! save a life ) is a non-profit association, legally constituted, whose main objective is to promote the defense of animals, raise awareness of the impact abandoned animals have to society and manage their adoptions. It is a totally independent association whose only source of funding are sponsorships and donations it receives.

Every year there are thousands of abandoned animals, most of them during the holiday season. The saddest thing of all is that this number of dropouts does not decrease but on the contrary, it increases year after year and unfortunately, it is almost non-existing the impunity to people who abandon or mistreat an animal. Although, at the present the autonomic legislation is watches more to the protection of the animals, but unfortunately, the breach of the laws and regulations is almost always unpunished.

In our association all the animals are maintained and rehabilitated until we find for them a responsible adoption, which will always be monitored. Currently, an average of 50 animals depend on the association.

ADOPTA: ¡SALVA UNA VIDA! also promotes other actions such as raising awareness of the seriousness of the abandonment and the responsibility that implies the possession of a pet.

We work mainly in the Valencia area, since we do not have a animal shelter our main pillars in the association are the host houses.

How you can help us

  • » SPONSOR: Sponsors are very important to us. Being a sponsor means making a small financial contribution on a regular basis. This contribution will allow us to cover part of the basic needs of the animal (food, shelter, veterinary assistance … To register as a sponsor you must fill this short form

Now more than ever, WE NEED SPONSORS !!. In these difficult times for all, many sponsors who have been collaborating with us have been forced to stop doing so.

  • » DONATE: You can help us through donations of items, medicines, food or money.

Items: Beds, necklaces, shampoos, external and internal deworming medicines, straps, toys …
Medications: Glucantime, Allopurinol, Condrosan, Doxycycline, Amoxicillin …
Food: Food for cats or dogs, cans, sweets …
Money: You can also make sporadic donations to this account:
IBAN: ES06 2038 6186 7160 0001 9287 or through Paypal:

  • ADOPT: Adopt your next new best friend for life.

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