Fat Fluffs Rabbit Rescue – Hampton in Arden, West Midlands, UK

.Fat Fluffs is a rabbit rescue and sanctuary based in Hampton in Arden in the West Midlands. We take in all sorts of rabbits and as far as possible we find them loving forever homes. For those with more challenging personalities or continuing health problems we provide sanctuary for them here and they stay as part of the family.

We take in all the rabbits we can, as far as space allows, with the aim of ensuring they are physically and emotionally well, neutered, vaccinated and rehomed to forever homes.

This is our main aim and we spend a lot of our time running to and fro from our vets, emailing future adopters, carrying out homechecks and keeping in touch with our rehomed buns. Unfortunately not all the rabbits that come into Fat Fluffs are able to be rehomed. Some come to us with ongoing health issues that demand a lot of time and extensive vet bills that would be too much for a future home to take on; others come in with emotional issues that mean they are not well enough to me rehomed either. We love these bunnies as much as the healthy ones and we do not believe in putting any rabbit to sleep while they can still have a quality of life.

How you can help Fat Fluffs

There are so many ways you could help if you would like to give any of your time then please do have a look at our “donate” page or get in touch with us – any help is always greatly appreciated.

Some ways you can help:

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Please visit our website for more detailed information