Lakeland Animal Shelter – Delavan, Wisconsin

The Lakeland Animal Welfare Society Inc., is a non-profit organization that owns and operates the Lakeland Animal Shelter.
With the help of almost 75 dedicated volunteers we have a skilled and committed staff that care for over 2,500 homeless animals from the south-eastern Wisconsin area annually. At any given time we house and care for an average of 40-60 dogs and 100-300 cats.
We also employ a State Certified Humane officer for the purpose of animal neglect/cruelty investigations. We also provide animal control services for the entirety of Walworth County and work closely with the local law enforcement agencies on animal related calls and emergencies.
We are committed to our mission of “enriching the lives of both animals and people throughout our community” and are only able to do so because of the generosity and loyalty of our donors.

Please visit our website for more detailed information about Lakeland Animal Welfare Society Inc


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