Trela e Companhia – Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Lisbon, Portugal

Walking the Dog is a fundamental activity for those who have a dog as a pet. However, maintaining a daily routine of walking your dog is not always easy with the hectic lives of those who live in the city of Lisbon.

Our Dog Walking service was created considering the comfort of dog owners who do not always have the availability or ability to take the dog out for an invigorating walk.

Trela & Companhia know how important it is for dogs to have a good walk. Taking the dog to the street is much more than an obligation on the part of the owners so that the animal does his needs and allows that they spend their energies and become calm and more happy.

The Pet Sitting Service consists on a trip to the client’s home to take care of their pets. It is a good choice when owners leave home for work or vacation.

Why Pet Sitting?
– You do not need to move your pet to a place that is strange to him (such as hotels and kennels), thus avoiding the stress of travel, the strangeness of the place and its totally unknown smells, and the absence of the owners. Pet Sitting is a great option for many animals as it can be less traumatic and more comfortable for owners.
With our Pet Sitting services you know that your pets stay at home having the attention they deserve, their hygiene, their food and even moments of play that will leave them comforted.

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